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Media Production Associate
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Associate Producer
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Production Manager
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Graphic Designer
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DCS Front Desk Rep and Support
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1. Begin by going online to the ASU Student Employment website and the Search page, at

2. Click on "Search On-Campus Jobs", then click on the "Advanced Search" link.

3. In the "Search Opportunities..." box, input the Req ID number listed with each job title above into the Requisition ID box.

4. Click on the Search button at the bottom, then click on the posting and follow all instructions.

NOTE: Not all positions are posted on an ongoing basis. If no Req I.D. is available, contact us as we are always open to inquiries and keep those on file.

We encourage all applicants to take a few minutes to watch our video, "The 3 Be's". It provides an overview of the expectations and processes within Student Creative Services.

Student employees in Student Creative Services operate in an environment similar to that of a contract or freelance scenario (with the exception of a Front Desk Rep in DCS, or Student Leadership) and can range between 5 to 20 hours per week depending on availability, skill set or experience, and the volume of client requests. Our student leadership positions of Producer, Associate Producer and Production Manager are a combination of what many may refer to as "industry-standard", but also day-to-day administrative.

The MEDIA PRODUCTION ASSOCIATE, or MPA, comprises the majority of the staff in SCS, and as an MPA you will be assigned projects using your current skills and/or by gaining additional ones which, depending on what you know or eventually learn, will increase your opportunities. The following are general descriptions. Please take a few minutes to review them. If interviewed, these will be central to the discussion.

> Project Manager
One of the staff leadership positions assigned to overseeing a project from start to finish. MPA’s may also be assigned to serve as in-studio, or on-location lead in management of staff and as point-of-contact for the client during production for a specific project.

> Director of Photography
Maintain the visual look of the film as agreed upon in pre-production. Input on which cameras and lenses to use. Manage Camera Ops as needed, in-studio or on-location in coordination with the Project Manager. Solid understanding of principle photography, cinematography, techniques, as well as ancillary equipment and their uses (i.e., dolly, jib, etc.)

> Camera Operator
Experienced with hands-on operation of cameras ranging from DSLR’s, Cinema Cameras (C-100), Camcorders, lenses (both prime and zoom), with a clear understanding of basic photography relative to camera settings and techniques under different conditions, in-studio or on-location. Experience with ancillaries such as jibs, dollys or other rigging is helpful.

> Audio Tech
Operation of various audio equipment from in-studio mixers to coordination of multiple sources in an on-location venue like a lecture or event. Understanding of recorders, cables, adapters, wireless lavs, level monitoring (i.e., gain), equalizing (sound quality), basic inputs and outputs for recording video, or to an audio recorder.

> BlackMagic Live-Production Operator
Both software and Control Surface functions. Building pre-production media files, managing content during recording, camera-switching and integration of media assets, all with the use of the BlackMagic Live Production system. Working knowledge of webstreaming in a live-production, studio environment.

> Post-Production Specialist
Very proficient in Adobe After Effects, Premier, and Audition as well as other ancillary support programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator for graphic assets in creating motion graphics, kinetic typography and simple 2D animation. 

> Post-Production Editor
Basic editing using Adobe Premier. Clear understanding of timeline management, file organization, simple effects, transitions, audio and color correction.

> Production Assistant - “Crew”
General duties may involve such things as pack-up, transport, load-in, set up and strike for an event or other on-location production, to running a teleprompter in-studio or working with camera ops, audio techs (i.e., boom mic), or other demands.

> Photographer
For on-location behind-the-scenes, events, step-and-repeat, portrait or commercial photography. Must have a solid understanding of photographic techniques, camera settings and familiarty of equipment. Use of personal "prosumer" equipment is allowed, however, SCS has several professional quality cameras, lenses and lighting for use, on location and in-studio.


DCS Front Desk Rep and Support Staff...
The front desk representative position is for the Digital Creative Studio, an extension of Student Creative Services, located in the lower-level of Tempe's Memorial Union. The primary role is to be the first point of contact with students requesting access to the space, confirm online reservations or arrange bookings for walk-ins and coordinating activities with on-site SCS staff. Experience with applications within the Adobe Creative Suite, enough to help students if needed, is desired.