Shooting in Studio

What to Wear (or not to wear)

Green Screen
There are a few things to keep in mind when shooting video in front of a green, or chroma-key screen. Simply put... don't wear green! The reason you don’t want to wear any value of green, be it solids. stripes, dots, spots, or in any pattern whatsoever is because the color of the green screen (background) is what the camera “keys” on for removal and replacement in post-production (editing). Or, as is the case with our ChromaStream Studio, the system will key it out and replace it in real time, whether recording or live broadcast.

Avoid busy patterns. Solid colors are always best and multiple colors are fine (other than greens), but any pattern that is considered “busy”, especially lines in any direction can affect some lenses. Even shiny fabrics like satin or some polyesters can moire’ or shimmer when filmed. Avoid excessive jewelry. Especially large hoop earrings or large areas of shiny or reflective material. Where chroma is used, everything green is being "keyed-out". Fine jewelry, not unlike fine, whispy hair, can “fall off” in terms of being able to hold a crisp edge when trying to superimpose a background into the green, chroma color.

Black and White
While both our ChromaStream and SoundStage Studios have full chromakey environments not everything is shot against a green screen. We also have a black and white backdrops and flooring in the SoundStage that can be used as is. In those cases it is best not to wear black against the black or white against the white, although that is not an absolute.

Rules and Procedures

Space and Facilities
Please be aware that space can be limited. We would ask that you limit the number of people in studio during filming to only those relevant to the production. We don't have the space for a "studio audience", but if room allows, we understand the interest of those wanting to observe the process.  We have an area in our Production Room with seating, desks, power and internet connections for those who may wish to catch up on work or just relax.

Electronic Devices
Cell phones, iPads, laptops or other devices, unless used in the actual production, are to be turned off (not just muted) to avoid not only the unexpected interruptions, but possible frequency interference with wireless audio equipment or studio systems.

Food and Drink
We can provide bottled water in addition to anything you may bring with you. Coffee or other beverages are allowed, but cannot be in an open container and must be kept away from the staging area and equipment. Food or snacks are subject to similar conditions, however the biggest issue is often the crunching of food or containers (i.e., bags or wrappers) during filming. All items must be disposed of in either the recycling or trash containers upon completion and departure.