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Dan Dickson
C: 602.989.6816

Hannah Belec 

The SCS Studio: Room 236 | 2nd Floor | Memorial Union, Tempe

The SCS Studio and office is located on the 2nd floor of the Memorial Union, in what many may remember as the Mojave room. For more information, visit the SCS Studio section of this website, or contact SCS Director, Dan Dickson to schedule a tour of the facility.

The Digital Creative Studio: Sparky's Den | Lower Level | Memorial Union, Tempe

The student resource only, DCS, is located on the south side of Sparky's Den, just below the food court. For alumni, or those of you who have been around ASU long enough, it's where the bowling alley used to be before the renovations in 2015. Feel free to stop by, take a look around and speak directly with one of our Front Desk Representatives regarding our services, reservations, policies, or general information.