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The Digital Creative Studio is located in the lower-level of the Memorial Union on the Tempe Campus, on the south side of Sparky's Den. There you can speak directly with one of our Front Desk Representatives regarding reservations, policies, or just general information. If you have questions specific to Creator Nights or Student Outreach (Presentations and Events) feel free to contact one of our on-site coordinators.

Job opportunities will be posted on this page, with instructions for applying, when they become available.

The SCS Studio of SCS resides in the lower level of Matthews Center (not Matthews Hall), just north of Hayden Lawn. Go down the stairs at the north end of the building.

Pre-production is probably the most important phase of any video project. It defines the overall scope, determines direction, establishes staffing, equipment and other logistics requiring scheduling. It's also the best time to consider options if budgets are the primary concern. We can work with you to arrive at the best possible solution to meet or exceed your expectations.

We can meet you at your location, but we've found that our conference room can accommodate up to eight comfortably, with media assets already in place. We can give you a tour of our facilities, then sit down and get things started!

Our address is: 950 S. Cady Mall, Tempe, AZ 85287-1502 • Mail Code 1502