SCS Studio

The SCS Studio is an environment for staging unique sets, but also for its chromakey (green screen) capabilities. We can utilize up to 6 cameras at once to obtain multiple angles, close-ups, rolling pans with dolly's and jib shots, for that added, "production value" and a unique, professional look not readily found on campus.

Watch our video, (below, left) for more information. For a wider variety of samples and productions be sure to click on the Vimeo (V) link in the footer below. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have, but be sure to first connect with the EOSS Marketing team in order to begin the process and for scheduling,

Studio Times: Normal business hours 9am - 5pm, M-F. Staff availability and times may vary.

Studio Client Guide
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Note: Some of the images shown may not be EOSS-specific and were done prior to divisional-only projects.

  • Interview shooting

  • Camera and shooting

  • Shoot location

  • Shooting crew and actors

  • Actors for shooting

  • Interview in progress

  • Live Well at ASU image

  • Shooting an interview

  • Shoot in progress

  • Video characters

  • Filming in progress

  • Three persons talking