The SCS Studio

The SCS Studio

The SCS Studio, located in room 236 in Tempe's Memorial Union (a.k.a., Mojave), is a contracted environment for staging unique sets and chromakey (green screen) capabilities. We can utilize up to 6 cameras at once to obtain multiple angles, close-ups, rolling pans with dolly's and jib shots, for that added, "production value" and a unique, professional look not readily found elsewhere on campus.

NOTE: The SCS Studio is NOT a public space* or available as a student resource. Access is limited. Please contact us for more information. Normal business hours 9am - 5pm, M-F. Staff availability and times may vary.

*Not available for lease by outside production or third party interests. All in-studio production is facilitated and performed by SCS staff.

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SCS Studio | Room 236 | Memorial Union
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