Chromakey Compositing

When it comes to special effects, most everyone has heard of chromakey, or the more common term, "green screen". The SCS Studio is equipped with a chromakey background which affords our clients the ability to be just about anywhere without ever having to leave the studio. It can range from a simple background to being on the surface of Mars. The samples below are a few of the basic concepts, showing you how we set them up, what we shot in studio, what the finished product looks like, and what we can do for you.

Be sure to check out our Vimeo page to see a wide variety of projects we've produced over the years, several of them having incorporated chromakey methods.

Static Background with Props

Static, in this context, means a non-moving or inactive background, yet representative of your location or subject matter. It could be a simple graphic, color, texture, or photo. Add one or more physical props and you have even greater depth and interest.

Lecture and Presentation

One of the more complex compositing examples using chromakey and multiple layers is our Lecture and Presentation production, yet something almost anyone can take advantage of. The following video will explain it best!.

Active "Live" Venues

There are any number of interesting places, both interiors and exteriors, some recognizable, others more generic. We call these active venues because the backgrounds we use are live movement video content.

The Making of, "The Mars Guy"

Often times the best ideas come from the clients themselves. In this sample, Dr. Steve Ruff, a Mars geologist, wanted to bring the recent Mars rover mission, Perseverance, to life. What better way to do that than go there himself!