Departmental Video

A Departmental Video is an engaging and effective way of showcasing your entire department, organization, or college to the ASU audience, other universities, parents and students. It's a more comprehensive production, but one that can be broken into shorter, more specific modules if so desired.

This type of production will incorporate both on-location and in-studio video production and, as with most every project, will require a pre-production meeting to insure that the overall scope of the project is in line with a baseline estimate. It will likely include elements such as; motion graphics, voice over, animation, sound design and special effects as needed.

For a production sample, see our "EHS Excerpts" video (below left). For a wider variety of samples and productions be sure to click on the Vimeo (V) link in the footer below. For pricing, please refer to the Rates & Info section of this website.

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