Departmental Video

An EOSS Departmental Video is an engaging and effective way of showcasing your entire department, organization, or college to the ASU audience, other universities, parents and students. It's a more comprehensive production, but one that can be broken into shorter, more specific modules if so desired.

Our ability to accommodate this, a more comprehensive request, will depend upon staff availability, timelines and overall scope of the request. Be sure to first connect with the EOSS Marketing team in order to begin the process and for scheduling,

Note: Some of the images shown may not be EOSS-specific and were done prior to divisional-only projects.

  • Department Video

  • Filming in a lab

  • ASU key

  • Two persons

  • One person

  • Social media links for Zero waste

  • Recycling bottles

  • Personal information security

  • Disability access in PTS