Pricing and Options

A pre-production meeting may be necessary to determine the scope of your project in order to get a more accurate estimate if it does not quite fit one of our standard services, after which a formal estimation will be submitted to you for your records. A range in pricing is sometimes necessary to account for unknown variables not always foreseen regardless of how well planned the project is. Any notable changes requested during the course of the project that are outside the agreed upon parameters may require additional charges and approvals before implementation. Those would be noted as addendum charges on the final invoice.

Base Pricing
Many of our services are pre-defined in terms of the scope of effort relative to labor, equipment and overall time required. Not everything fits neatly into a listed service, but it gets us closer to what you have in mind; both in terms of budget and complexity.

Rate Sheet
To view our (pdf) Rate Sheet and for more detailed information regarding our business operations, click on the link below. This is updated prior to the beginning of every Fall semester, as needed.

 SCS Rate Sheet and Business Operations

Spec Sheet and Studio Preparation
For specifications and information relative to client-supplied media and studio options, click on the link below.

 SCS Spec Sheet