How to Make a Video...

PHASE 1: Pre-Production and Planning

The first step as to how your video is created begins with setting up an initial meeting with you to talk about your request. This will give you the opportunity to describe to us, in a big-picture way, what you’re trying to accomplish with this video. This is also where brainstorming is encouraged and suggestions can be introduced to insure that we’re all on the same page.

PHASE 2: Production [a.k.a. Principle Photography] 

Principle photography is the point at which the actual filming begins. Actors or cast members (often staff, faculty or students) are on-location or in-studio along with crew and any props or setups that are needed. If properly planned, the time required for principle photography may in fact be relatively manageable, compared to say, post-production, or the editing process.

PHASE 3: Post-Production

On average, it takes at least 60 to 70 percent of the total time of the project just to edit and finalize it. Post-production is often described as the ‘second directing’ of a video or film because of the control the editor has with content and how the intent can be dramatically enhanced with even the most minor changes.

Watch our video, "Understanding Video Production" to learn more...