DCS Creator Nights

DCS Creator Nights are scheduled events held throughout the semester as an additional resource for students to develop their creative and application skills and apply them to any number of projects, assignments, or interests they may be involved in. Creator Nights typically focus on both the practical and the popular uses of media-based functions and software, like the Adobe Creative Suite.

But, Creator Nights are not limited to what we can provide or define. They are also an opportunity for student orgs, clubs, or other student services to formulate one of their own in providing a resource to students, ideally taking advantage of the equipment and available spaces. We can help you in formulating and executing your own Creator Night in providing staff support if needed as well as promoting it through our website and other marketing channels.

The Spring of 2019 will have a number of introductory presentations involving the Adobe Creative Suite, presented by Student Creative Services, and more from other contributors.

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To begin the process of setting up one of your own, please contact one of our coordinators,
Gabrielle LaMountain at

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*You must be a currently enrolled ASU student. Limited to academically-related needs.
Commercial (for profit) use is prohibited. Reservations are forfeited after 30 minutes no show.