Digital Creative Studio

How do I get started?

1. Check in with our front desk to confirm your online reservation, or sign-in on site if you need access to one of the systems or the studio.

2. If what you need is not available at that time our staff can help arrange a time later that day or as soon as it’s available.

3. We’ll go over a few in-house policies with you regarding equipment, procedures and access to other services.

4. Use your time wisely and most of all, take advantage of all that the Digital Creative Studio has to offer.

Current Hours: 10am - 9pm, M - F

Must be a currently enrolled. Limited to academically-related needs. Commercial (for profit) use is prohibited. ASU projects can be arranged and paid for through Student Creative Services.

The Digital Creative Studio, located in the Memorial Union's "Sparky's Den" in Tempe is managed and staffed by Student Creative Services and is specifically for student use only*. The systems and video studio in DCS are available by reservation only (online or walk-in, if available) and are limited to ASU-related activities. Not for gaming, personal entertainment or freelance projects. There are open spaces for personal laptops and a limited area for meetings if you want to discuss a group project or meet with one of our staff. In both cases, some basic policies still apply. We trust you'll find it to be an extremely beneficial environment in many other ways as well, as listed below...

  Video Production and Instruction
Adjacent to our easy-to-use production studio is an editing area equipped with everything you’ll need to produce your own video. It is staffed by experienced students from Student Creative Services, who are there to help guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have.

  Presentation and Event Venue
Not just for Video Production, the Studio is an open venue for any group or interest requiring the space and facilities to hold large meetings, offer seminars, host guest speakers or industry professionals to provide insight and instruction through training, discussion and hands-on activities.

  Learning Environment
From guest speakers, presentations and demonstrations to hands-on access of equipment for basic video production and multimedia content, the Digital Creative Studio is undoubtedly a valuable resource. But, above all else, it is a learning environment available to all students here at ASU.