Digital Creative Studio

The Digital Creative Studio

Fall Hours of Operation

Open through finals week fall 2021 | reopening when classes begin spring 2022

10 a.m.–3 p.m. Monday through Thursday

Masks required | Occupancy limited in some spaces
Closed weekends and holidays
Email us with questions:

You must be a currently enrolled ASU student. Limited to academically-related needs.
Commercial (for profit) use is prohibited.

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The Digital Creative Studio, located in the lower level of Tempe's Memorial Union ("Sparky's Den"), is a media resource of Student Creative Services and is managed by our EOSS Marketing partners and
ASU Student Life.

It is specifically for enrolled student use only.

The systems and video studio in DCS are available as walk-in or by reservation (preferred) and are limited to ASU-related activities. The resources in DCS are not for gaming, personal entertainment or freelance projects.

Hours of Operation will vary during breaks and semesters
To reserve Studio time, go to our Reservations page, click on the link
to view the (read-only) Google Sheet for availability. Be sure to select the correct week.

Email us with the date, time and resource need at

DCS is a public workspace. Due to security restrictions and/or licensing agreements, we do not install, or allow the installation of individually requested applications or alterations to the hardware configurations beyond their intended use.