Digital Creative Studio

Semester Hours

10a - 9p, M - Th | 10a - 6p, Fri | 12p - 4p, Sat

Computers (4 PC, 8 Mac)
2p - 9p, M - Th | 2p - 6p, Fri | 12p - 4p, Sat

Events and Presentations
2p - 9p, M - Th | 2p - 6p, Fri | 12p - 4p, Sat
(note: typically evening hours)

The Digital Creative Studio, located in the Memorial Union's "Sparky's Den" in Tempe, is managed and staffed by Student Creative Services and is specifically for student use only*. The systems and video studio in DCS are available by reservation only; online or walk-in, (if available) and are limited to ASU-related activities. These are not for gaming, personal entertainment or freelance projects.

There are open spaces for personal laptops and a central seating area for meetings if you want to discuss a group project or meet with one of our staff. In both cases, basic policies still apply. We trust you'll find it to be an extremely beneficial environment.

To learn more about each of those benefits, just access the pages in the menu in the left side panel.


*You must be a currently enrolled ASU student. Limited to academically-related needs. Commercial (for profit) use is prohibited.