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The Digital Creative Studio

Hours of Operation

Open weekdays, closed weekends and holidays. Times will vary. 
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You must be a currently enrolled ASU student. Limited to academically-related needs.
Commercial (for profit) use is prohibited.

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The Studio in DCS, for enrolled student use only, is a straightforward, easy to use facility for recording both video and audio content. It is equipped with a camera, lighting, teleprompter, audio mixer and microphones, with backdrops for white, black or chromakey green and a system for recording everything, or use your smartphone or personal camera. Our staff will be on site to get everything set up and remain on-hand to make any adjustments or troubleshoot as needed.

The Lighting is comprised of 2 key (front) lights, 2 backfill lights and a hair/shoulder light. All are preset with color and brightness. The Recording System is as simple as inserting your recording media, pressing Record and Stop. If all you need is an audio voiceover for use in a video or PowerPoint presentation, a free-standing microphone and recorder are included. The Camera is a high-end, Canon camcorder with auto-focus and white balance already preset. For a quick primer, watch the Step-by-Step video located on this webpage.

To reserve Studio time, go to our Reservations page, click on the Studio link for availability.
Then contact one of our Front Desk Representatives at:

• PLEASE NOTE: Reservation requests received after 5PM for next day A.M. are not guaranteed •