General Production

General Production refers to projects that do not always fit into a defined scope or process, like a Lecture Production or Program Profile would. They are usually more script-driven, possibly a narrative - fictional or documentary, and often combine both in-studio and on-location production. More pre-production and planning is required as the list of additional assets and equipment along with the scheduling of staff, locations and possibly actors as well as the overall time to accomplish it need to be accounted for. This type of production is by estimation only. Be sure to watch our video "Understanding Video Production"

Be sure to watch our video, "Understanding Video Production" (below, left) for more information. For a wider variety of samples and productions be sure to click on the Vimeo (V) link below. For pricing, please refer to the Rates & Info section of this website.

  • Video Location

  • Outdoor video location

  • Lab video location

  • Three persons

  • Two persons in glasses

  • Two persons discussing

  • Emergency situation

  • Two person smiling