Lectures & Events Video Production

Our Lecture and Events Video Production service is for recording on-location presentations. Ideal for teachers or guest speakers in a classroom or lecture hall as well as special events, award ceremonies, or entertainment in much larger venues. On-location lectures involve a 2-camera setup with either supplied mics or from a house audio feed, if accessible. Events may require special services or equipment, such as; lighting or rigs, dolly’s, jibs, possibly additional cameras.

A cost-effective and convenient alternative to our on-location Lecture Video production is our, Virtual Presentation. Maybe your event was cancelled, you weren’t able to make it, or you want to create a semester’s worth in advance to post online immediately after each presentation. This entirely in-studio version of your presentation in the venue of your choosing and whenever you’d like. Since this process is considered a live production it can be simultaneously broadcast online as well, for an additional fee, if so desired. In either case, the savings in labor cost, transport, setup, teardown and post-production makes this a unique and attractive option.

For a production sample, watch our video, "Lecture Excerpts..." (below left). For a wider variety of samples and productions be sure to click on the Vimeo (V) link in the footer below. For pricing, please refer to the Rates & Info section of this website.

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