Post Production

The post-production phase of a project will always take longer than the actual production (filming) itself. Not only do color correction, motion graphics, music and sound, even special effects all need to be accounted for during pre-production to better estimate the time and cost of the overall production, but also in planning what is required during filming, making editing more seamless.

Since our services are largely limited to the Tempe location, one of the options we offer to accommodate an off-campus request, like a Lecture Video Production, is to work with the on-location staff in handling the filming themselves, even to the point of providing training, after which we provide the editing services with the files being shared via DropBox. We can add title and credit slates, lower-thirds and integrate client-supplied media such as; PowerPoint slides, graphics, or video clips.

Be sure to watch our video, "Understanding Video Production" (below, left) for more information. For a wider variety of samples and productions be sure to click on the Vimeo (V) link in the footer below. For pricing, please refer to the Rates & Info section of this website.

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