Shooting on Location

Location Lead
SCS will always have a Location Lead assigned to every location shoot. The Lead may or may not be directing the shoot itself, but will insure that staff and equipment are accounted for as well as verifying the completion of the shot list and continuty, as needed. They will also be your main point-of contact during the shoot. Loading and travel time, even if on-campus must be taken into consideration when planning your shoot schedule. Call times will be issued to everyone required and as co-producer you will need to insure that those you have enlisted for the project show up on time as well.

Order of Filming [shot sequence]
During shooting, multiple takes are common for reasons of mistakes, but also for different angles and framing, as determined by the DP (Director of Photography). He or she works directly with the crew to insure that the artistic or visual aspect to the scene supports and enhances the dialogue or the action. It's important to remember that certain scenes or parts of the overall video can be shot in any order, not necessarily in the manner one would view the finished video. All the content is placed in the order of the script or outline in post-production. The order and timing of everything depends on the availability of the cast, crew, equipment, access to locations...even the weather.

Pick-Up's and B-Roll
As much as any production tries to capture all the required footage the first time through, invariably there is always a scene or a shot that is either incomplete or not quite working and needs to be re-shot. Sometimes it can be accomplished with a simple “pick-up” which is a minor addition or replacement that can be added in post-production.

B-roll is planned, secondary footage intended to enhance the scene or to cover over a shot. Re-shooting an entire scene can be a costly and time-consuming endeavor. If the need for a re-shoot is decided upon and is for something outside the scope of the agreed-upon project, the financier, or requester, will be provided with an estimate, and an approval must be issued before moving forward.